Content Updated Saturday, September 9, 2006 9:22 AM

Welcome to the website of the Buffenbarger family!

     This site is a project that some of us have been considering for some time. I hope it will become a place of all things Buffenbarger in the future - history, pictures, contacts, and anything else that seems like a good idea. I'm Ryan and I'll be running this for the foreseeable future, unless someone comes along more qualified than me. For those that are interested, free web space is available here for your own personal pages.

     Site hosting is done by and costs about $7 per month. At the moment there is 2GB of file space, and 50GB of bandwidth per month. That may sound like a lot, but if a number of people show interest in putting up websites, we may have to pay for more - I don't really expect that to happen anytime soon.

     Email addresses are available free to all Buffenbarger's, and the address appears as The email system is available both on the internet via webmail, and also by POP3 so you can use your own email client. See the email information page to learn more. If you have any comments, send an email to .


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